Bella Vita pastry shop


About us

The Bella Vita pastry shop in Naples perfectly represents the balance between tradition and modernity: a must-see place for lovers of culinary tradition.
Our products are all inspired by a tradition that was born more than 50 years ago and that is handed down from father to son.
Everything we bake, make or sell embodies all our passion for Neapolitan tradition, local products and high quality ingredients, in order to ensure every customer satisfaction.

The Neapolitan enters and exits continuously from a bar or a rotisserie, he walks eating a babà or a cuoppo: few places in the world have a similar cult of food and sweets.
Bella Vita is in the heart of this reality and represent a real crossroad of art, tradition and culture that celebrates the cult of street food.
From breakfast to happy hours, from classic cakes to the creation of giant versions of well-known packaged snacks: we always offer the best!
Come and try our frozen custards, fruit tarts, cupcakes, biscuits, pasta frittata, pizzelle and much more!

foto del bancone